Wednesday, December 9, 2009

FPblog Award

A photograph taken in November at the studio was awarded and posted onto the FPblog (
Click on link to view site.

This is the photograph that has been posted:

Photography and PP: Nadia Cheema
Model: Asha Di Paola (Ford Models)
MUA: Rhia Amio
Hair: Fabio Persico
Wardrobe: Cisya Paramita
Assistant: Lorena Lorenzo
This is part of a fairy tale shoot, which I'm still working on whenever I have the time. We did three looks; 1) Snow White 2) Rapunzel and 3) Red Riding Hood. So please stayed tuned as I slowly get through these photographs. You can visit my site to view more photographs from the Snow White set.

This is the second time I've been awarded by having a photograph submitted by me to be placed onto the Shot Of The Week area in the FPblog. Thank you Melissa!!!

FPblog is run by Melissa Rodwell, an L.A. based fashion photographer, whose work I admire and respect very much. She has been a true inspiration and I don't hesitate on sharing her blog with others. She shares her thoughts, insights, works and knowledge to the public. A great place of resources for both amateur and pro photographers alike. Especially for serious photographers who are wanting to get their foot in the industry.

Melissa helps by educating us on the business side of photography as well. How to put together a portfolio, what the industry is really like and understanding how it's mainly 90% business and 10% shooting (opinions differ in some cases). She is driven and determined which has allowed me to believe that as long as I keep at it I can achieve success as well. I encourage folks to visit her blog and her site.

That was a quick update :) Now back to work!!


  1. Congratulations.
    Very glad to hear and you deserve it very well.

  2. nice work! I adore your work and melissa's; you both have very interesting creative processes and such an emotive capture in all your shots. xx

  3. You guys are so sweet and cute hehehe :) Thank you!

  4. Asha is a good friend of mine :) i am so proud of her!!