Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Fairy Tale series

.....Back in November of 2009 my styling team and I got together to do a shoot based on the Fairy Tales series.  We decided on three stories....1) Snow White  2) Rapunzel and  3) Red Riding Hood.
We were going to try doing a fourth one (Cinderella), but we didn't have enough time.  This shoot alone took so long just the styling alone!

I have to say though everyone did a fantastic job.
Following people involved were:

Model:  Asha Di Paola (Ford)
MUA: Rhia Amio
Hair:  Fabio Persico
Wardrobe:  Cisya Paramita
Assistant:  Lorena Lorenzo
Cute doggy:  Kuma

Yes.... for the Red Riding Hood story we actually had a black german sheppard play the part of the big bad wolf!  Although he's so cute I don't think he knows how to be fierce.  He even got spooked by the lovely Asha because of her height!  She's 5'11" minus the heels.

It was a veeeeery long day.... we were all tired by the end of it, but it was a successful one.  Quite happy with the results.  Now unfortunately I don't have any BTS to share with you good people so I decided to show before and afters of some of the shots.

All images are copyright.   Nadia Cheema © 2009  www.nadiac.com

All edits are done by yours truly.  I don't like to spend hours on one photograph.  I'm not a retoucher by profession.... plus I don't believe in creating 'plasticky' skin.  It's just not natural nor real!  Asha has great skin to begin with so I didn't have to do much (thankfully!).  Plus Rhia did a great job with the makeup so that saved me a ton of work as well.

I'm planning on doing more creatives in the coming months....so stay tuned!  I just have some meetings to look forward to and I hope they will help me get further in the commercial world.

Gotta start planning!!

Friday, February 5, 2010

Emily Jane...

I had the opportunity to do a test shoot for Ford Models. Emily Jane is a lovely young lady who brought a 100% to the shoot. The shoot was quickly put together with nothing over the top 'creative' as I usually do on my shoots.
Hair and makeup was done by the talented Rhia Amio and styling done by Cisya Paramita.

Shoot was done at a studio run and owned by Rob Davidson. He was also kind enough to take behind the scene shots for me to place on my blog.

So... here are some BTS shots!



Last shot shows the studio in general and the very basic setup for the shoot itself.  I'm not big on going over the top unless required to.
Here are some of the edited shots from the shoot itself: