Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Marianna from Elite

It's been a good while since I've done a blog post.  Been so busy and tired that I haven't even looked at my blog site let alone think about what to write.  Well in all the busy-ness I've decided to start shooting again.  I didn't realize how much I missed it.  Like a weird drug (?) I wasn't shooting for a while for many reasons.... but one main reason being that I just wasn't feeling inspired and felt like whatever I was shooting just wasn't good enough.   A photographer's block so to speak.
Well I'm back!!!  And having the utmost pleasure meeting up with a great crew!  A fantastic stylist who thinks outside the box and a fantastic makeup/hair stylist who's not only fast, but delivers with beautiful work!  We three have somehow just become one ... it feels and the work that we've been executing as of late has been just getting better and better.  Therefore, I've decided on submitting my work to various magazines and hope for the best.  I am feeling extremely confident in my work and quite proud of it.  There will probably be plenty of rejections, but there will be one who says 'yes!' and I know it'll just blossom from thereon.  Just a matter of being persistent ;)

In the meantime let me introduce you to Marianna from Elite modeling agency.
Beautiful girl with a great heart!  We instantly got along well and are looking forward to working on a creative together.  Agency loved the photographs as well and has opened the door to other opportunities that will only lead to better things. 

Hopefully submissions will be accepted...when it happens I'll be announcing it here! there ... and everywhere!  ... Either way I'll be posting the photographs here for everyone to view when I'm able to :)