Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Beauty Photography Workshop

It's that time of year!  It's school time everyone and this year I've decided to host my own workshop.  I've been receiving a lot of comments and requests on doing up my on workshop so I decided to host a subject that I'm best at.... Beauty.

I started Fashion photography by first doing Beauty.  I found doing beauty photography was quite challenging since you're not only capturing every single detail, but also trying to convey a feeling in that one single frame.  For those who aren't sure what a beauty photography is... it's a method used both in commercial/fashion photography and for model portfolios.  It's a closeup shot that shows anything from makeup styles to jewelry worn or adorned by the model.

People who are wanting to take this workshop don't need to be or going into Fashion photography.  It's a good skill to use in portraiture as well.  You'll learn what to look for in terms of body placement and building a connection with your subject.

You can click on the image for times and dates:

Photography:  Nadia Cheema
MUA/Hair:  Kelly Armstrong
Model:  Jessica @ PUSH

You can contact me at nadia@nadiac.com for further details and info.
I look forward to both hearing and meeting you :)

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