Saturday, April 10, 2010

Stillness & Motion

Rob Davidson and I would like to invite folks who reside within the GTA area (Toronto, Ontario) to come visit our gallery show at the Snowball Gallery curated by Alison Snowball.
The show will be up for the month of May (Contact month) starting May 6 to May 30, 2010.  Opening reception night is May 6th from 7:00-10:00pm.

The show will be consisting of photographs taken both by me and Rob.  My section of the works will be about is titled 'Stillness' whilst Rob's is 'Motion'.

I went on a trip last year for two weeks in Ireland.  I didn't actually take that many shots.  My mindset was '...I'm on vacation so won't be doing any touristy style shots.....'  Well, eventhough I didn't pick up or use the camera often I was enthralled by a park we had visited I think in Galway.  Unfortunately my memory is of no good use to me as I don't possess the greatest memory retention in my brain.  I will have to find out the name and location of the park.

The park contained an old monastery and, of course, an old cemetery.  I was captivated and started taking photographs.  You don't quite see this type or 'style' of cemeteries here in Ontario.  You could feel the history in that place and I was absolutely loving it.  I wanted to capture what I was feeling while being there and deep quietness, eeriness that the place contained.  Eventhough it was riddled with tourists the area alone had its own distinct presence.  Like any good, shy photographer I went against the masses and took shots ensuring little to no people were in the actual photographs.  Another place that we visited was the Carrick-a-Rede Rope Bridge.  Loved it!  Of course when we were there and right after we crossed the bridge a fog was coming over to pay us a visit while engulfing the landscape.  When I say engulfing I mean the landscape was literally disappearing right before our eyes!  And very quickly too.  It was a bit scary and extremely beautiful at the same time.  At that point we decided to cross the bridge back before the fog overcame us.  Too late.... we were caught in the fog.  Luckily I could at least see where my feet were stepping on and 5 or 6 people ahead of me while crossing the bridge.  The interesting and cool thing was that as the fog came the breeze from it swayed the bridge as we were crossing.  As the fog was passing through though it left this cool feeling on our skin with a hint of dewy wetness.  I was loving it to the absolute!

Those are the two locations that caught my attention the most and, thus, will be presenting at the show.  As for Rob's works..... well you'll just have to come by and find out ;)  I promise will NOT be disappointed by what he'll be presenting.  A very unique look to a certain sport that may change your perspective on how to perceive it.

I hope to see both old and new faces at the show.  Don't feel shy, but do come by and feel free to review, critique and introduce yourselves to us.  We look forward to your visit!

Cheers and goodnight....

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