Friday, February 5, 2010

Emily Jane...

I had the opportunity to do a test shoot for Ford Models. Emily Jane is a lovely young lady who brought a 100% to the shoot. The shoot was quickly put together with nothing over the top 'creative' as I usually do on my shoots.
Hair and makeup was done by the talented Rhia Amio and styling done by Cisya Paramita.

Shoot was done at a studio run and owned by Rob Davidson. He was also kind enough to take behind the scene shots for me to place on my blog.

So... here are some BTS shots!



Last shot shows the studio in general and the very basic setup for the shoot itself.  I'm not big on going over the top unless required to.
Here are some of the edited shots from the shoot itself:



  1. Have been waiting for your new posts. Always love to read them and to see the pictures. Lately, I've been a bit busy and away from online for a few days.
    I wish I could have a studio like that. It's awesome. I have not been to those kinda studio, so I am just amazed. Look at those giant strobes and lighting equipment. The photos hanging on the wall, tables and the environment look really good.
    BTW, what lens were you using? I guess 85mm lens. You had to move back quite far (maybe it's just the perspective of the photos). Your photos are great anyway. Thank to Rob Davidson too. We can see the BTS shots and actual things happening behind those great shots.

  2. Forgot to say the most important thing. The model is so gorgeous too.